Thursday, 3 March 2011

"mad as a march hare"

It is undeniable that perhaps our appetite for traditional shopping has waned with the advent of parking restrictions and huge Supermarkets sights offering everything from fresh produce to TV dinners,TV S and indeed a sofa to sit on and fry your brain and poison your inner-self,however although reluctant to go supermarket bashing after all they contribute so much,employment to zillions, convenience, and great deals .......or do they or is it modern day slight of hand that Houdini himself would be proud.
my last 8 months of work at the peoples supermarket has led me down a road of discovery  of how by subtle and clever techniques we are encouraged to waste food and more alarming overpay compared to the traditional independent market system which was so prevalent  in our society up till 20 or so years ago.
Through re packing,clever wording and subtle 2 for 1 offers we are encouraged to spend between 20-40 % more on fresh produce than we should ..... FACT.
 Loss leaders like fairtrade Bananas at 77p per kilo entice yet do we question how a much of the 77p per kilo goes to the plantation I guarantee there will be nothing fair about it.
Two thirds of all market business has been lost and many good people have lost there lively hoods and businesses because we as a nation have fallen into the trap of believing we get a better deal from the Supermarkets which is simply not the case .........but don't just trust me do your own comparisons or either see my example on the peoples supermarket website or pop in to my shop and I will  happily would be as mad as a March hare not to.

Andreas, produce Surgery(aided by Rachel) Tuesday 12-1 The Peoples Supermarket lambs Conduit Street