Thursday, 18 October 2012

The porcini have landed

The finest fresh English Porcini for which we are all so well known for carrying are now available in both our shops ... Enjoy

Thursday, 11 October 2012

The kind of ok British food revival(a tale of two chefs)

Last nights screening of "the great British food revival" in essence could have drawn its "plot" from the BBC s archived adaptations of "a tale of two cities" on one hand we had the the aristocratic and charming Michel Roux both bemoaning and championing the humble British strawberry and the gritty but equally charming James Martin frequenting undying love for British Watercress however unlike the dickens novel it fell short on one very significant level which is no fault of the great British farmers mentioned or indeed the fine Mr Roux ....TIMING ! Yes it's October ! and in the same way last year Gary Rhodes was ex telling the virtues of British tomatoes in New Covent Garden market aired a month after the season closed it causes great frustration that schedulers cannot get in tune with the fact that people cannot nip out to the shops and test a dozen varieties of said Strawberries badger there local store to get them there favourite taster when they are no longer available and although the BBC have quite a lot on there proverbial plate there is no point leaving everybody else's plates empty and in the same way we are asked for sprouts and chestnuts in July "where shooting Christmas" often giggles the stylist it really is more than apparent that "real"food people should be at least consulted on produce availability in Television shows, as championing a non available product on primetime is as welcome as tossing a coin to compensate for a great loss...