Sunday, 5 June 2011

The damage has been done

What a relif to see the times and telegraph giving the ecoli story intelligent report...although in essence all that has been done is
Qualify what all industry people know that the problem was localised to a small area in Germany and nothing to do with the wider food production industry with all areas including Food terrorism "being investigated then question remains on how the Government agencies allowed this hysterical reporting to cause so much damage to the Independent produce business by litterally hanging out to dry many hardworking people with neither the means nor the back up they require to reassure consumers.
The supermarkets rather than use this as an opportunity to educate the public simply removed large amounts of Spanish produce from the shelves and cancelled orders from Spainand even cut down orders of Salad products from long term English growers ....there trusted"partners"
once again profit first begs the question what would happen if a real crisis happens who would stand up and lead us through it let's hope that never happens because I doubt there is anybody in government or food agencies able enough. And in the words of Franco pullera grower and supplier to the Peoples supermarket,myself and a small chain called Tescos "the damage has been done"

Friday, 3 June 2011

6 ways to stay alive this weekend

6 ways to stay alive this weekend

1) Buy your fresh produce from a trusted source(me)       
2) Check provenance(where it’s from)
3) Wash thoroughly (don’t use dettol or bleach)
4) Wash hands after poohing or wee wees(not just this weekend all the time kids too)
5) Separate meat fish and veg when prepping(in case of x contamination)
                           6)Don’t go to hamburg ….ever