Friday, 20 April 2012

Aving a chat with Boris and Mary

Putting my point across to Mayor Boris and the lovely Mary MacDonald MP with regards to the Parking issues that surround small business in the capital

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Masterchef top bloke

Great to have @mr fennel Tom Whittaker visit us in Chelsea

John quilters army(ish)of food buskers

Dropped off some veg to the one and only ...John Quilter at The Real Food festival on the south bank pop over there this weekend great food all over the gaff

Pauls fruity today

Paul has done wonders with the fruit in Chiswick that includes New Season Spanish Peaches,Nectarines,Alphonso Mango,Nespole,Frais des Bois and plenty of juicy favourites

Darren has done this amazing display in Chiswick

Stunning produce including Giant Globe Artichokes'baby Brittany Artichokes'English Asparagus French White Asparagus,Morels and more