Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Dont call it a comback ...

So here here we go go again round round the same ole roundabout of food waste and the Supermarkets.
Tescos rather worringly published its own report into its own Food Waste and suprise surprise they chuck out quite a lot and apparently we chuck out two thirds of what we buy from them too.
Rather less suprising than the interconnectedness of all things these two sins are tied together like two children in a three legged race trying to coordinate an orderly advancement and more often than not falling into a pile of dirt as our food does as it goes to landfill.
You see Tesco and the other Supermarkets activly encourage food waste by enticing you to purchase what you dont need with two for ones three for twos and a number of varying mathimatical combernations designed to bamboozal you in to convincing youselves that your getting a great deal when in fact there real intention is to get you to take more of the produce they screw there suppliers to give them for pennies, and often using short shelf life perishables or washed products with "use within 24 hours of opening"emblazoned on its pretty label as bait.
However it must be said we need to become more savvy to these 'tools of the giant company" trade.
Supermarket folk are not silly there primary objective is to make money for their shareholders not a crime I hear you say and you are quite right however the use of such tecniques and other subtle methods encouraging you to buy what you dont need and often dont want show a clear disreguard for either consumer,customer and in this Country where food banks have almost caught up with pay day loan companies as Britains fastest growing industries shows little more than contempt !
I first raised these issues many moons ago and am glad they are being highlighted if not addressed and hope that you follow my little guide into preventing food waste and over spending on your fresh produce.


lets hope im not making a comeback in a few years time saying the same ole thing again