Monday, 4 April 2011

Shower of April

Well having Spent much time doing bits at the peoples supermarket and continuing my quest to find the the finest possible quality of produce for Andreas ffg my attention has been drawn away from the subliminal trangrestions of the soopermarkets to the sheer shameless masquerades of "farmers markets"of which I have visited a plenty only to find a familiar pattern where fresh produce is concerned some people advertising there whares as specifically from a perticular farm are in fact lying, so much so that I was almost moved to call trading standards at the most blatant piss take in this area I have yet seen Sunday just gone, however i remembered the words of obi wan kanobi .."who is more foolish the fool or the fool who pays through the nose for farm grown(bought outa the market)produce".look I am all for free trade etc just be honest about it and show some integrity.
Anyway to move to things more posativa we at "affav"are really delighted to be able to say we believe we have the best overal quality and selection of produce we have ever had and that is really saying something and with daily arrivals from italia,France,Kent,isle of White and of course market fresh produce from western international and Covent garden,it is really satisfying to know that these efforts are appreciated.
Look it's not the easiest thing to collate both mentally and physically but by putting this effort in we provide fine quality and choice which is what the consumer deserves.
Right I'm done for the mo will enlighten further during the month ......oh and I might just have a surprise or two to announce.