Monday, 9 May 2011

May be may be not.....

It was brought to my attention that commodities brokers are lagely responsible for the high cost of food stuffs with reckless trading with thought only for profit rather the welfare of the people of the world ...should we be surprised that profit,dividends and bonuses should be more important than filling the belly of a child in Africa of course not ! I mean what exactly is the point of our government sending over priced food when it does not regulate the shameless profiteering of banks and other financial intatutions it's madness as is the fact that we waste 10 billion pounds worth of food a year in the Uk when over a million people struggle to eat ! often food is thrown away due to over buying or marketing trickery of supermarkets which dictate what we must buy as opposed to what we need we are lazy shoppers and allow ourselves to be suckers for a "bargain".
Don't get me wrong it's not just the supermarkets that encourage us to over buy the "bolt it ot"bowl culture of many of my peers is also not helpful but at least does do the service of clearing the markets of cheap lines but ultimately devalues produce and creates confusion in consumers.
I originally viewed with scepticism the fact that councils were running courses in teaching people how to shop but I think it is a necessity that people are educated in food buying so this spiral of waste diminishes.
There are many other reasons why the independent fresh food industry is in such a venerable position but that's for another time when I can afford better legal council but for now buy what you need and support where you can those who need it I am always around to help at my shop or at the peoples supermarket

Basically my point is