Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The REAL story(ish) about Supermarket man

Well all things considered it was great to see the brave BBC take on the establishment ... The establishment you say it was only a show about Supermarkets...you heard right ! as since they started there demolition of the high streets and dictation of Government policy they've been a fixture of the establishment with there ruthless pursuit of profit at almost any cost wether it be health encouraging food waste or simply OVERCHARGING which in essence would have had a huge impact on the current financial hardship many families currently have to endure thanks to years of being overcharged and allowed to be fleeced without robust regulations.
Those of you who are more familiar with me will know that this is no bandwagon piece and many points raised in Panoramas show and these amongst other points were raised during my veg surgeries at the people's supermarket(soon to commence again in Chiswick). I am myself no messiah and do not have all the answers and all I can do is price my stock transparently and honestly so the customer knows exactly what they are purchasing and paying for and the supermarkets must do the same with no slight of hand sales technique or use of clever phsycology and confusions... if they don't it's simple ban them from advertising and sponsoring TV shows and as for the fabulous wealth enjoyed by there executives ....that's for another day