Saturday, 31 December 2011

2011 a year in veg 2012 the year of veg ?

As twilight descends over the embers of 2011 the final deliveries leave for there destinations and displays readied for (hopefully)one last sales push we must be mindful and ready ourselves for what promises to be at very least an eventful 2012 for us here at veg HQ and indeed the whole independent fresh produce sector,and through the mist and rhetoric I can't help thinking that that both the biggest test and opportunity for retailers lies ahead depending on whether you are half full or half empty the future is largely in our hands and we as independents can really effect and alter our own landscapes by embracing the "now"letting go of the"then" work to our strengths and capitalise on the weaknesses so prevalent in the supermarket model you just never know...we might just See a positive change of fortune for us all and 2012 might just be the year the independent fought back ! happy new year to you all