Thursday, 16 February 2012

Surely you are "Jo"King

I guess it is quite unbelievable that royalty are more in touch with the normal folk of our fair country than our "top" executives and bankers and last night the guildhall witnessed Justin King the Sainsbury chief exec have his "Ratner moment" following his dismissal of independent retailers and his refusal to take responsibility for The supermarkets roll in high street decline.
I will not throw all my eggs in one basket as I have plenty more to say.
Now we must be careful with Justin who's failure to grasp reality was first seen in his smug interviews post Christmas results where he failed to acknowledge that his "victory"over Tescos was akin to a side celebrating winning the cup after the losers had scored an own goal,and still dosnt recognise that the supermarkets treatment of their customers bears a stark resemblance to children queuing for food in a Dickens novel.
To address Justin kings sentiments I have Spelt out a guide to why the independent sector does not yield the results of planet supermarket.
Dear Justin and the gang
We will close 28,000 greengrocers so you can open your greengrocer counters.
We will willingly hand you 80% of our business as we are not up to it.
We will not become non speccialised and not impart our expertise and sell anything for profit and scratch our heads when asked abquestion..
We have chosen to pay the same tax And P.A.Y.E. levels as big business as we want a level playing field.
In the independent sector we have forsaken our right for customers to park in favour of traffic attendants our friends.
We have chosen to have no voice with councils and government ad opposed to big business that bully's,lobby's and dictates policy.
We have chosen friendly and honest service and pricing as opposed to the deliberate misleading ill-informed supermarket business model.
We will not entice favours from the powers that be.
We will close 9 stores to every one you open.
We will sell costumers what they want not what we want.
We have chosen to make ends meet and struggle on as opposed to drawing huge bonuses and dividends.
We have chosen to pay our suppliers on time to the value of their products as opposed to telling them what we will pay and when/if we will.
We have turned our back on crafty marketing techniques,slight of hand and dam right lies to promote our wares.
We refuse large advertising budgets,focus groups and marketing initiatives for cute signs in our windows.
In short Justin we are entitled to our dreams on our terms and those ofvus who don't make it can gladly hand over their properties to those who have the courage to have a go as opposed to the cosy slimy grease splashed poll you so willingly climbed and let's face all the empties can be tossed to the huge land banks that act as the giant high street bins you hold responsibility for.
Oh and one other thing Justin and brown are so 80,s get with it

I will be comenting on Tescos work for us for free advertisments very shortly.